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Medical Office Insurance: Vital Protection for Your Business

If you’re the owner, business manager, or other decision-maker at a medical practice, you know how complex your operations can be. There’s a continual stream of patients, vendors come and go regularly, you need expensive medical equipment and other assets to do your work, etc. Consequently, it’s no surprise when problems happen.

Important Business Insurance Industry Trends in 2024

Who’s hungry for success in 2024? Right… Everybody! One of the keys to achieving your business goals is identifying trends—in the economy, market conditions, buyer behavior, etc. The better you are at spotting and adapting to emerging business trends, the more advantage you have over your competitors. That’s always been true, but it may be even more critical in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

Why Home Inspector Insurance Is Critical for Your Financial Protection

If you’re a home inspector or building inspector, this scenario isn’t hard to imagine: You’re on a ladder looking at some brickwork when you lose your footing, fall, injure your elbow, and need medical attention. Or maybe you fail to inspect a critical aspect of a home’s electrical system, which later causes a fire that damages the structure.

How Salon and Spa Insurance Protects Your Company

If you own or operate a salon or spa, you know there are many risks associated with this type of business. They cover the spectrum from a client getting injured by slipping on a wet floor at your business location to making mistakes in the types or amounts of products you use and causing harm. And, of course, the risk of someone stealing sensitive customer information like credit card numbers is one every business must be aware of and address.

How Printing Insurance Protects Your Company

A customer slips at your print shop, falls, breaks their arm, and sues you. High winds hurl debris into your storefront window, shattering it. An employee making a delivery in your company’s van runs a stop sign and collides with another driver, causing injuries and vehicle damage.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Insurance

Every business owner should be aware of—and take action on—the risk of cyberattacks. The potential continues to grow steadily as cybercriminals find new and better ways to breach digital defenses.